Version 4.5.16

Version 4.5.16 of mod_wsgi can be obtained from:

Bugs Fixed

  • The WSGIDontWriteBytecode option wasn’t available when using Python 3.3 and later. This feature of Python wasn’t in initial Python 3 versions, but when was later added, mod_wsgi was updated to allow it.

  • The feature behind the startup-timeout option of WSGIDaemonProcess was broken by prior fix related to feature in 4.5.10. This meant the option was not resulting in daemon processes being restarted when the WSGI script file could not be loaded successfully by the specified timeout.

  • When using WSGIImportScript, or WSGIScriptAlias with both the process-group and application-group options, with the intent of preloading a WSGI script file, the ability to reach across to a daemon process defined in a different virtual host with same ServerName was always failing and the target daemon process group would be flagged as not accessible when instead it should have been.

New Features

  • Added --allow-override option to mod_wsgi-express to allow use of a .htaccess in document root directory and any directories mapped using a URL alias. The argument to the directive should be the directive type which can be overridden in the .htaccess file. The option can be used more than once if needing to allow overriding of more than one directive type. Argument can be anything allowed by AllowOverride directive.