Version 4.4.2

Version 4.4.2 of mod_wsgi can be obtained from:

Known Issues

1. Although the makefiles for building mod_wsgi on Windows have now been updated for the new source code layout, some issues are being seen with mod_wsgi on Apache 2.4. These issues are still being investigated. As most new changes in 4.X relate to mod_wsgi daemon mode, which is not supported under Windows, you should keep using the last available binary for version 3.X on Windows instead. Binaries compiled by a third party can be obtained from:

Features Changed

1. The --ssl-port option has been deprecated in favour of the option --https-port. Strictly speaking SSL no longer exists and has been supplanted with TLS. The ‘S’ in ‘HTTPS’ is actually meant to mean secure and not ‘SSL’. So change name of option to properly match terminoligy.

2. The name of the startup log was changed such that naming was consistent with how logs are normally named with Apache. That is startup_log instead of startup.log, thereby matching convention with error_log and access_log.

Bugs Fixed

1. When a default language was specified using the locale option to the WSGIDaemonProcess directive or the --locale option to mod_wsgi-express, if it did not actually match a locale supported by the operating system, that the locale couldn’t be set wasn’t logged. Such a message is now logged along with a suggestion to use C.UTF-8 as a fallback locale if the intent is to have UTF-8 support.

2. When using the --https-only option with mod_wsgi-express, a HTTP request was not being redirected to be a HTTPS request when there were no server aliases specified.