Version 4.5.10

Version 4.5.10 of mod_wsgi can be obtained from:

Bugs Fixed

  • In version 4.5.9, the version number 4.5.8 was being incorrectly reported via mod_wsgi.version in the per request WSGI environ dictionary.

  • When using Anaconda Python on MacOS X, the Python shared library wasn’t being resolved correctly due to changes in Anaconda Python, meaning it cannot be used in embedded systems which load Python via a dynamically loaded module, such as in Apache. When using mod_wsgi-express the Python shared library is now forcibly loaded before the mod_wsgi module is loaded in Apache. If doing manual Apache configration, you will need to add before the LoadModule line for wsgi_module, a LoadFile directive which loads the Ananconda Python shared library by its full path from where it is located in the Anaconda Python lib directory.

  • Startup timeout wasn’t being cancelled after succesful load of the WSGI script file and instead was only being done after first request had finished. This meant that if first request took longer than the startup timeout the process would be wrongly restarted.

  • Fix parsing of Content-Length header returned in daemon mode so that responses greater than 2GB in size could be returned.

  • Using incorrect header files in workaround to be able to compile mod_wsgi on MacOSX Sierra when using pip install. Was using old MacOS X 10.6 SDK which are header files for Apache 2.2. Was running, but should not have worked at all. Possibility this still may not work or might break. No choice until Apple fixes their broken Xcode and Apache installation.