Getting Started

If starting out with mod_wsgi it is recommended you start out with a simple ‘Hello World’ type application.

Do not attempt to use a Python web application dependent on a web framework such as Django, Flask or Pyramid until you have got a basic ‘Hello World’ application running first. The simpler WSGI application will validate that your mod_wsgi installation is working okay and that you at least understand the basics of configuring Apache.

You can find a simple ‘Hello World’ WSGI application, along with setup instructions for the traditional way of setting up Apache and mod_wsgi, described in the Quick Configuration Guide. For a bit more in-depth information and additional examples see the Configuration Guidelines.

Note that unless you are using Windows, where such a choice is not available, you should always use daemon mode of mod_wsgi. This is not the default mode, so you will need to ensure you follow the instructions to enable daemon mode.

For a simpler way of running a Python WSGI application using mod_wsgi, also checkout mod_wsgi-express, details of which can currently be found at: