Version 4.3.1

Version 4.3.1 of mod_wsgi can be obtained from:

Known Issues

1. The makefiles for building mod_wsgi on Windows are currently broken and need updating. As most new changes relate to mod_wsgi daemon mode, which is not supported under Windows, you should keep using the last available binary for version 3.X on Windows instead.

Bugs Fixed

1. The install-module sub command of mod_wsgi-express was incorrectly trying to install the mod_wsgi .so file onto itself rather than into the Apache modules directory.

2. The workaround for the broken MacOS X Apache build scripts as implemented by the configure script used when building using the traditional make command wasn’t working correctly for MacOS X 10.10 (Yosemite).

In fixing this issue, the configure script has been enhanced such that it is now no longer to have the whole of the Xcode package installed on MacOS X. Instead the minimum required now is the developer command line tools. If using Python and you wanted to be able to install Python packages which has a source code component you would have already likely installed the developer command line tools.

New Features

1. Added the --add-handler option to mod_wsgi-express to allow a WSGI application script file to be provided which is to handle any requests against static resources in the document root directory matching a specific extension type.

2. Added a mechanism to limit the amount of response content that can buffered in the Apache child worker processes when proxying back the response from a request which had been handled in a mod_wsgi daemon process.

This is to combat a lack of flow control within Apache 2.2 which can cause excessive amounts of memory usage as a result of such buffered content. This issue in Apache 2.2 was fixed in Apache 2.4, but the new mechanism is applied to both versions for consistency.

The default maximum on the amount of buffered content is 65536 bytes. This can be increased by using the proxy-buffer-size option to the WSGIDaemonProcess directive or the --proxy-buffer-size option to mod_wsgi-express. If using Apache 2.4, its own flow control mechanism may override the value in increasing the buffer size.