Version 4.6.4

Version 4.6.4 of mod_wsgi can be obtained from:

Bugs Fixed

  • In more recent Python versions, the config directory in the Python installation incorporates the platform name. This directory was added as an additional directory to search for Python shared libraries when installing using the file or pip. It should not even be needed for newer Python versions but still check for older Python versions. The only issue arising from the wrong directory, not incorporating the platform name, being used, was a linker warning about the directory not being present.

  • Installing mod_wsgi on Windows would fail as hadn’t exclude mod_wsgi daemon mode specific code from Windows build. This would result in compile time error about wsgi_daemon_process being undefined. This problem was introduced to Windows in version 4.6.0. A prior attempt to fix this in 4.6.3 missed one place in the code which needed to be changed.