Version 3.3

Version 3.3 of mod_wsgi can be obtained from:

Bug Fixes

1. Inactivity timeout not triggered at correct time when occurs for first request after process is started. See

2. Back off timer for failed connections to daemon process group wasn’t working correctly and no delay on reconnect attempts was being applied. See:

3. Logging not appearing in Apache error log files when using daemon mode and have multiple virtual hosts against same server name. See:

4. Eliminate logging of !KeyError exception in threading module when processes are shutdown when using Python 2.6.5 or 3.1.2 or later. This wasn’t indicating any real problem but was annoying all the same. See:

5. Fix potential for crash when logging error message resulting from failed group authorisation.

  1. Fix compilation problems with Apache 2.3.6.

Features Changed

1. When compiled against ITK MPM for Apache, if using daemon mode, the listener socket for daemon process will be marked as being owned by the same user that daemon process runs. This will at least allow a request handled under ITK MPM to be directed to daemon process owned by same user as script. See issue:

2. Add isatty() to log objects used for sys.stdout/sys.stderr and wsgi.errors. The Python documentation says ‘If a file-like object is not associated with a real file, this method should not be implemented’. That however is ambiguous as to whether one can omit it, or whether one should raise an NotImplementedError exception. Either way, various code doesn’t cope with isatty() not existing or failing, so implement it and have it return False to be safe.