Version 4.7.0

Version 4.7.0 of mod_wsgi can be obtained from:

New Features

  • Now releasing parallel mod_wsgi-standalone package to PyPi. This is the same as the mod_wsgi package, except that by installing the mod_wsgi-standalone package, it will automatically trigger the mod_wsgi-httpd package to install the Apache HTTPD server as part of your Python installation. When you run mod_wsgi-express it will use that Apache HTTPD server installation.

    The mod_wsgi-standalone package is required where you need to install mod_wsgi-express using its own Apache HTTPD installation due to no system Apache HTTPD server package being available, and the installation needs to be done using a requirements.txt file for pip or other package install manager. Using mod_wsgi-standalone will ensure that the mod_wsgi-httpd package is installed first before attempting to build and install mod_wsgi. This guarantee is not provided by pip if you list mod_wsgi-httpd and mod_wsgi packages as two entries.

    The version numbering of the mod_wsgi-standalone package will follow the mod_wsgi versioning.