Version 4.2.4

Version 4.2.4 of mod_wsgi can be obtained from:

Known Issues

1. The makefiles for building mod_wsgi on Windows are currently broken and need updating. As most new changes relate to mod_wsgi daemon mode, which is not supported under Windows, you should keep using the last available binary for version 3.X on Windows instead.

Bugs Fixed

1. Fixed one off error in applying limit to the number of supplementary groups allowed for a daemon process group. The result could be that if more groups than the operating system allowed were specified to the option supplementary-groups, then memory corruption or a process crash could occur.

2. Improved error handling in setting up the current working directory and group access rights for a process when creating a daemon process group. The change means that if any error occurs that the daemon process group will be restarted rather than allow it to keep running with an incorrect working directory or group access rights.

New Features

1. Added the --setup-only option to mod_wsgi express so that it is possible to create the configuration when using the Django management command runmodwsgi without actually starting the server.