Version 4.4.3

Version 4.4.3 of mod_wsgi can be obtained from:

Known Issues

1. Although the makefiles for building mod_wsgi on Windows have now been updated for the new source code layout, some issues are being seen with mod_wsgi on Apache 2.4. These issues are still being investigated. As most new changes in 4.X relate to mod_wsgi daemon mode, which is not supported under Windows, you should keep using the last available binary for version 3.X on Windows instead. Binaries compiled by a third party can be obtained from:

Features Changed

1. The --lang option to mod_wsgi-express has been deprecated. Any default language locale setting should be set exclusively using the --locale option.

2. The behaviour of the --locale option to mod_wsgi-express has changed. Previously if this option was not defined, then both of the locales en_US.UTF-8 and C.UTF-8 have at times been hardwired as the default locale. These locales are though not always present. As a consequence, a new algorithm is now used.

If the --locale option is supplied, the argument will be used as the locale. If no argument is supplied, the default locale for the executing mod_wsgi-express process will be used. If that however is C or POSIX, then an attempt will be made to use either the en_US.UTF-8 or C.UTF-8 locales and if that is not possible only then fallback to the default locale of the mod_wsgi-express process.

In other words, unless you override the default language locale, an attempt is made to use an English language locale with UTF-8 encoding.

3. Unless the process name is overridden using --process-name option to mod_wsgi-express, the Apache parent and child worker process will be given a name such as httpd (mod_wsgi-express) making them more easily distinguishable from a traditional Apache installation.

Bugs Fixed

1. The mod_wsgi-express script would fail on startup if the user had a corresponding group ID which didn’t actually match an existing group in the groups file and no override group was being specified. When this occurs, the group will now be specified as #nnn where nnn is the group ID.

New Features

1. Added --process-name option to mod_wsgi-express to allow the name of the Apache parent process to be overridden as it would be displayed in ps. This is necessary under some process manager systems where it looks for a certain name, but with shell script wrappers and exec calls happening around mod_wsgi-express the name would change.