Version 4.4.14

Version 4.4.14 of mod_wsgi can be obtained from:

For details on the availability of Windows binaries see:

Bugs Fixed

1. The --compress-responses option of mod_wsgi-express was failing when Apache 2.4 was used. This was because mod_filter module is required when using Apache 2.4 and it wasn’t being loaded.

2. On Python 3, the IO object wrapped by sys.stdout and sys.stderr, according to the Python documentation, must provide a fileno() method even though no file descriptor exists corresponding to the Apache error logs. The method should raise IOError if called to indicate not file descriptor can be returned.

Previously, an attempt to use fileno() on sys.stdout and sys.stderr would raise an AttributeError instead due to there being no fileno() method.

3. Use compiler include flags from running of apr-config and apu-config when doing pip install of mod_wsgi-express. This is necessary as on MacOS X 10.11 El Capitan the include flags for APR returned by apxs refer to the wrong location causing installation to fail.

New Features

1. When proxying a URL path or a virtual host, now setting request header for X-Forwarded-Port so back end knows correct port that front end used.

2. When proxying a URL path, if the request came in over a secure HTTP connection, now setting request header for X-Forwarded-Scheme so back end knows that front end handled the request over a secure connection. The value of the header will be https.

3. When using mod_wsgi-express, it is now possible to supply the --with-cgi option, with any files in the document root directory with a ‘.cgi’ extension then being processed as traditional CGI scripts.