Version 4.4.22

Version 4.4.22 of mod_wsgi can be obtained from:

For details on the availability of Windows binaries see:

Bugs Fixed

1. Stack traces logged at INFO level when a request timeout occurred were not displaying correctly when Python 3 was being used. It is possible that the logging code could also have caused the process to then crash as the process was shutting down.

2. When using the --url-alias option with mod_wsgi-express and the target directory had a trailing slash, that trailing slash was being incorrectly dropped. This would cause URL lookup to fail when the URL for the directory was a sub URL and also had a trailing slash.

New Features

1. When using mod_wsgi-express, rewrite rules can now be added into the rewrite.conf file located under the server root directory. An alternate location for the rewrite rules can be specified using the --rewrite-rules option.

Note that the rewrite rules are included within a Directory block of the Apache configuration file, for the document root directory. Any rules therefore needs to be written so as to work in this context.

If you need to debug the rewrite rules and are using Apache 2.4, the easiest way to enable rewrite logging is to use the --log-level option with the quoted value of 'info rewrite:trace8'.