Version 4.4.11

Version 4.4.11 of mod_wsgi can be obtained from:

For details on the availability of Windows binaries see:

Bugs Fixed

1. No provision was made for operating systems with a very low limit on the number of separate data blocks that could be passed to system writev() call. This was an issue on Solaris where the limit is 16 and meant that since version 4.4.0, daemon mode of mod_wsgi would fail where a HTTP request had more than a small number of headers.

2. When installing the mod_wsgi package using pip and rather than activating the virtual environment you were referring to pip by path from the bin directory, the mod_wsgi-httpd package which had already been installed into the virtual environment would not be detected.

New Features

1. Added the --service-log option to mod_wsgi-express for specifying the name of a log file for a specific service script. The arguments are the name of the service and the file name for the log. The log file will be placed in the log directory, be it the default, or a specific log directory if specified.

2. Set various environment variables from mod_wsgi-express to identify that it is being used, what hosts it is handling requests for, and whether debug mode and/or specific debug mode features are enabled. This is so that a web application can modify it’s behaviour when mod_wsgi-express is being used, or being used in specific ways. The environment variables which are set are:

  • MOD_WSGI_EXPRESS - Indicates that mod_wsgi-express is being used.

  • MOD_WSGI_SERVER_NAME - The primary server host name for the site.

  • MOD_WSGI_SERVER_ALIASES - Secondary host names the site is known by.

  • MOD_WSGI_RELOADER_ENABLED - Indicates if source code reloading enabled.

  • MOD_WSGI_DEBUG_MODE - Indicates if debug mode has been enabled.

  • MOD_WSGI_DEBUGGER_ENABLED - Indicates pdb debugger has been enabled.

  • MOD_WSGI_COVERAGE_ENABLED - Indicates if coverage analysis has been enabled.

  • MOD_WSGI_PROFILER_ENABLED - Indicates if code profiling has been enabled.

  • MOD_WSGI_RECORDER_ENABLED - Indicates if request/response recording enabled.

  • MOD_WSGI_GDB_ENABLED - Indicates if gdb process crash debugging enabled.

For any environment variable indicating a feature has been enabled, it will be set when enabled and have the value ‘true’.

For the list of server aliases, it will be a space separated list of host names.