Version 4.4.21

Version 4.4.21 of mod_wsgi can be obtained from:

For details on the availability of Windows binaries see:

Features Changed

1. When any of the options --enable-debugger, --enable-debugger, --enable-coverage, --enable-profiler, --enable-recorder or --enable-gdb are used, debug module will now automatically be enabled. Previously you had to also supply the --debug-mode option otherwise these options wouldn’t be honoured.

New Features

1. Add a WSGI test application to mod_wsgi-express which returns back details of the request headers, application environment and request content as the response. This can be used for testing how requests are passed through and also what the execution environment looks like. It can be used by running:

mod_wsgi-express start-server --application-type module mod_wsgi.server.environ

2. Added --entry-point option to mod_wsgi-express as more explicit way of identifying the file or module name containing the WSGI application entry point or description. This is in addition to simply being able to list it without any option. The explicit way just makes it easier to see the purpose when you have a long list of options.