Version 4.5.12

Version 4.5.12 of mod_wsgi can be obtained from:

Bugs Fixed

  • When the pip install method is used to compile the module for Windows, the mod_wsgi-express module-config command was generating the wrong DLL path for LoadFile directive for Python 3.4, as well as possibly older Python versions.

New Features

  • When using pip install on Windows, in addition to looking in the directory C:\Apache24 for an Apache installation, it will now also check C:\Apache22 and C:\Apache2. It is recommended though that you use Apache 2.4. If your Apache installation is elsewhere, you can still set the MOD_WSGI_APACHE_ROOTDIR environment variable to its location. The environment variable should be set in your shell before running pip install mod_wsgi and should be set in a way that exports it to child processes run from the shell.

  • Added restart-interval option to WSGIDaemonProcess for restarting daemon mode processes after a set time. If graceful-timeout option is also specified, active requests will be given a chance to complete, while still accepting new requests. If within the grace period the process becomes idle, a shutdown will occur immediately. In the case of no grace period being specified, or the grace period expiring, the normal shutdown sequence will occur. The option is also available in mod_wsgi-express as --restart-interval.