Sets which process group WSGI application is assigned to.


WSGIProcessGroup %{GLOBAL}|%{ENV:variable}|name


WSGIProcessGroup %{GLOBAL}


server config, virtual host, directory

The WSGIProcessGroup directive can be used to specify which process group a WSGI application or set of WSGI applications will be executed in. All WSGI applications within the same process group will execute within the context of the same group of daemon processes.

The argument to the WSGIProcessGroup can be either one of two special expanding variables or the actual name of a group of daemon processes setup using the WSGIDaemonProcess directive. The meaning of the special variables are:


The process group name will be set to the empty string.

Any WSGI applications in the global process group will always be executed within the context of the standard Apache child processes. Such WSGI applications will incur the least runtime overhead, however, they will share the same process space with other Apache modules such as PHP, as well as the process being used to serve up static file content. Running WSGI applications within the standard Apache child processes will also mean the application will run as the user that Apache would normally run as.


The process group name will be set to the value of the named environment variable. The environment variable is looked-up via the internal Apache notes and subprocess environment data structures and (if not found there) via getenv() from the Apache server process. The result must identify a named process group setup using the WSGIDaemonProcess directive.

In an Apache configuration file, environment variables accessible using the %{ENV} variable reference can be setup by using directives such as SetEnv and RewriteRule.

For example, to select which process group a specific WSGI application should execute within based on entries in a database file, the following could be used:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteMap wsgiprocmap dbm:/etc/httpd/wsgiprocmap.dbm
RewriteRule . - [E=PROCESS_GROUP:${wsgiprocmap:%{REQUEST_URI}}]


When using the WSGIProcessGroup directive, only daemon process groups defined within virtual hosts with the same server name, or those defined at global scope outside of any virtual hosts can be selected. It is not possible to select a daemon process group which is defined within a different virtual host. Which daemon process groups can be selected may be further restricted if the WSGIRestrictProcess directive has been used.

Note that the WSGIProcessGroup directive and corresponding features are not available on Windows or when running Apache 1.3.