Sets the name of the WSGI application callable.


WSGICallableObject name WSGICallableObject %{ENV:variable}


WSGICallableObject application


server config, virtual host, directory, .htaccess



The WSGICallableObject directive can be used to override the name of the Python callable object in the script file which is used as the entry point into the WSGI application.

When %{ENV} is being used, the environment variable is looked-up via the internal Apache notes and subprocess environment data structures and (if not found there) via getenv() from the Apache server process.

In an Apache configuration file, environment variables accessible using the %{ENV} variable reference can be setup by using directives such as SetEnv and RewriteRule.

Note that the name of the callable object must be an object present at global scope within the WSGI script file. It is not possible to use a dotted path to refer to a sub object of a module imported by the WSGI script file.