Version 4.4.4

Version 4.4.4 of mod_wsgi can be obtained from:

Known Issues

1. Although the makefiles for building mod_wsgi on Windows have now been updated for the new source code layout, some issues are being seen with mod_wsgi on Apache 2.4. These issues are still being investigated. As most new changes in 4.X relate to mod_wsgi daemon mode, which is not supported under Windows, you should keep using the last available binary for version 3.X on Windows instead. Binaries compiled by a third party can be obtained from:

New Features

1. The mod_wsgi-express command will now output to stdout the number of daemon processes and threads being used.

2. Add automatic installation of precompiled Apache binaries when deploying mod_wsgi-express to Heroku or OpenShift. These binaries will be pulled down from S3 and installed as part of the mod_wsgi package.