Define whether file system is case sensitive.


WSGICaseSensitivity On|Off


server config

When mod_wsgi is used on the Windows and MacOS X platforms, it will assume that the filesystem in use is case insensitive. This is necessary to ensure that the module caching system works correctly and only one module is retained in memory where paths with different case are used to identify the same script file. On other platforms it will always be assumed that a case sensitive file system is used.

The WSGICaseSensitivity directive can be used explicitly to specify for a particular WSGI application whether the file system the script file is stored in is case sensitive or not, thus overriding the default for any platform. A value of On indicates that the filesystem is case sensitive.

Because it is set in the main server config it will apply to the whole site. All paths therefore would need to be located in a filesystem with the same case convention.