Enable restrictions on use of STDIN.


WSGIRestrictStdin On|Off


WSGIRestrictStdin On


server config

A well behaved Python WSGI application should never attempt to read any input directly from sys.stdin. This is because ways of hosting WSGI applications such as CGI use standard input as the mechanism for receiving the content of a request from the web server. If a WSGI application were to directly read from sys.stdin it could interfere with the operation of the WSGI adapter and result in corruption of the input stream.

In the interests of promoting portability of WSGI applications, mod_wsgi restricts access to sys.stdin and will raise an exception if an attempt is made to use sys.stdin explicitly.

The only time that one might want to remove this restriction is if the Apache web server is being run in debug or single process mode for the purposes of being able to run an interactive Python debugger such as pdb.