Specify script implementing group authorisation.


WSGIAuthGroupScript path [ options ]


directory, .htaccess



The WSGIAuthGroupScript directive provides a mechanism for implementing group authorisation using the Apache Require directive.

More detailed information on using the WSGIAuthGroupScript directive can be found in Access Control Mechanisms.

The options which can be supplied to the WSGIAuthGroupScript directive are:


Specifies the name of the application group within the specified process for which the script file will be loaded.

If the application-group option is not supplied, the special value %{GLOBAL} which denotes that the script file be loaded within the context of the first interpreter created by Python when it is initialised will be used. Otherwise, will be loaded into the interpreter for the specified application group.

Note that the script always runs in processes associated with embedded mode. It is not possible to delegate the script such that it is run within context of a daemon process.